Feels Like Fall

Fall in the Bay Area is always slightly strange. Compared to the quintessential New England Autumn that I grew up with, the season here always seems to lack the same presence. Fall in Oakland seems to creep up quietly, more like a slow blending of summer into winter than a season in itself.  Sometimes the summer seems to last until November, and other times disappears in a flash as soon as August ends.

We recently released our Autumn and Winter fashion collection on etsy and our online store. It has all of the bright oranges and yellows of the East Coast foliage that I miss so much. This year our collection was based on the beautiful sunset sky, which Ailee has captured many beautiful views of on our Instagram account.

Ryder Leggings from our Fall '15 Collection

Ryder Leggings from our Fall '15 Collection


We kept it simple this year, with a few cozy wool sweaters, knit scarves, and some new wool felt bags. My favorite new pieces are the leggings, made from a warm wool/nylon stretch fabric and dyed in gorgeous ombré shades. They are a great versatile piece that can either be worn as athletic wear, or dressed up with a cute outfit. It was a bit of a challenge learning to sew stretch fabrics when making these, but I persevered and now I don’t want to sew anything else. Thank god for my serger, and youtube sewing tutorials!

We are now beginning to work on our Spring and Summer collection, and it’s always hard for me to get into a springtime mindset when it feels like fall. I want to slow down and enjoy the apple cider, hot tea, and pumpkin pie for a while before jumping ahead to next season right away. I am excited to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year, so I can have a little bit of that East Coast Autumn experience this year before coming home and getting back to work on the next collection.